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Nancy Bakos

I, too, also spend between 2-300 dollars each week. All the kids eat each meal at home, or it's made "to go." I've found that the only way we get by is to purchase needs instead of wants. Do we need lemonade? no, but it's good to have some "just in case", do we need ice cream? no, so we don't get it, unless it's insanely on sale. That's my take on shopping, in addition, I plan meals for each day - spaghetti, garlic bread an salad for dinner on Monday, burgers and potato salad on Tuesday, chicken nuggets (yes, even the big guys will still eat them) and tater tots and broccolli on Wednesday... you get the idea. My largest expense is 5-6 gallons of milk each week, as well as loaves of bread and cheese. I love BJ's! I always have a can of chicken as a stand by in case we run out of lunch meats for the week, as well as some peanut butter. Not sure this was helpful, but I think planning meals is a big help!

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