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Nancy Bakos

If you tally your score... Mass wins by a landslide! Your kids are young, they are very good at adjusting to change. Location is EVERYTHING! I want to move so badly for the same neighbor/neighborhood reasons. It seems like a wonderful opportunity for all of you! Good Luck!


This is a big, complicated, very personal decision - one I would not typically presume to offer my opinion on, nor that I would ever presume to second guess once you had made it. You will find your way through this confusion and do what you need to do considering ALL these complicated factors.
But, since you asked...keeping your family together as a unit is, I think, THE most important factor here. Of course, this simple statement is quite a bit more complicated in your case because Howie doesn't live with you four and he is a part of your family unit. But, you and Kim are the life partners. You two are the primary caregivers to Ella and Maisie. Howie is hugely important to the girls as well, but it seems, from where I sit at least, that their basic everyday family unit is defined as you, Kim, Ella and Maisie. The girls can certainly continue to have a strong, enduring, loving and growing relationship with their father while living in Amherst. If Kim and you do not LIVE together nor do Maisie and Ella LIVE with Kim, then you are excluding Kim as a member of the family that you have created together. The idea of that worries me.


I think Massachusetts wins...for legal reasons, for more time as a family on weekends, and the fact that your previous post just glows with how much you love Amherst and the surrounding area...(the laid back feeling, reminds you of where you grew up...). No fun to have to commute to the job you love, but it sounds really worth it...I vote Mass (and not just because we want to be neighbors!!). Good luck with the house-on-the-market.

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