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Nancy Bakos

I have been feeling the exact same way this week... Jeff turned 16 on Wednesday, Madison turns 11 on Sunday, didn't we just have Mother's Day? Thankfully, you have a nanny- I am responsible for all laundries, all rides to and from practices all over the state, not to mention games, throwing in grocery shopping, then trying to execute dinner (usually at 7:40pm). You know we could rant on and on about all the different duties we do single handedly, in addition to our full time jobs- which incidentally, as a spec. ed. teacher's assistant, this is the busiest time of the year. School in general is crazy at this time in the year with fundraisers, yearbooks, fieldtrips, booksales.... ugh! What I call what we are going through is SMS. Super Mom Syndrome. Trying to squeek out all responsibilities - regardless of what time it is. Sometimes we just have to say, "screw it" and do it tomorrow! Hang in there, everything we do seems to be a test of our stregnths as a parent. We are passing with flying colors! When you feel like SMS is coming on, remove your cape and just say, "SCREW IT!"


You are a remarkable woman and a fantastic mother, Kristin. I had to LOL when I read, "I am just completely exhausted, though its hard to put my finger on why, exactly." I know why...look at what you do! This craziness of child rearing does not seem to ever really slow down. Remember though that these are the "good old days" and they go by way too fast. Don't underestimate the difference having your spouse around makes. In our home, even when John is around, I still do most of the caring for the kids, but having him present to support me (and to keep me in check, crazy-overworked-mother-wise) makes all the difference in the world for me. The kind of work we do in the home and in caring for our kids needs emotional support. Once Kim comes home, I bet you will feel a lot better!

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