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Nancy Bakos

Yup, I'm guilty of being a loyal blog reader! Thanks for the update! Foote School is tremendous, my girlfriend (a professor at Yale) has her 2 kids in Foote. The art work, and study/knowledge of art is top notch, along with the fact that they have (I think) an hour of recess- every day, even in the winter! Ella would be a great fit there, and if I were to place a bet, you will be signing her up on Tuesday! But, that's just me, you keep us posted! Good luck with everything!


I still read your blog! I have been looking back at your old blog posts...when Maisie was first born. My little boy is now 5 weeks old...and has some pretty fussy and irritable days...which makes mommy fussy and irritable. Reading you blog archives gives me some comfort in knowing that Jake's crankiness/gassiness/whatever you want to call it (colic) is normal for his age. And...that I am not the only one that has or will experience a super crabby baby. It's hard work! I've worked w/children of all ages (baby to schoolage), but having your own child changes everything!


Of course, I am still here as well! Love all your pictures from Montana. Looks like a great time with family. The girls are lovelier than ever!

Shoshana Adams

How is your dad...Is it Kris or Chris? And who are these beloved people Chad & Amy? Wherever you found them, it reinforces the testement that those who deserve it are surrounded with a great support system. Then again you have made sure to have one since the beginning. It takes a village which many are not fortunate enough to have. Good Kharma comes around...never stop going around!

Andrea Wilson

I'm a loyal reader too. There are at least 5 of us! I always enjoy reading your blog. I read it on a regular basis and turn to it during challenging times at work to see photos of your beautiful family and de-stress.

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